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Vacanza attiva sul Lago di Garda

If I say holiday, what will you think about? Relaxation or sport? Shopping or food and wine? If you are rather hesitant and you don’t know what to choose, don’t worry. You don’t need to choose. Lake Garda gives you the opportunity to live all these things just by falling you with all the suggestions it can provide you with, from north to south.
Some numbers: with a total area of 370 square km, Lake Garda is the biggest of the Italian lakes and it is 346 meters deep at its maximum.
Its climate? Mild, Mediterranean. Its greenery is rich and fragrant. Lemon trees, olive trees, vineyards and potherbs. Palm trees and graceful cypresses are its perfects framework, creating a poetic landscape that inspired writers from every era: from Goethe to Kafka and Mann, from famous Virgilio to Dante.

Torbole sul Lago di Garda

Torbole, situated on the Northern gulf of Lake Garda, between Monte Baldo on the Eastern side and the Sarche plain on the Northern side, is the most sought-after destination for windsurfing fans. It is a sailing and windsurfing centre of international relevance. Torbole on Lake Garda is also a starting point for mountain bike excursions, easy walks and treks.
Torbole used to be a little fishing and boating village. The tiny harbour is the most picturesque corner of Torbole, with its Old Customs House and House Beust.
Torbole fascinated even Goethe, who described its winds as one of the wonders of nature and a breathtaking sight. The enthusiastic descriptions of Goethe prompted many young painters and poets to visit Torbole on Lake Garda as part of their Grand Tours.